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Fruzsina M. Harsanyi, Ph.D.

Fruzsina M. Harsanyi, Ph.D.
Board Member

Dr. Fruzsina M. Harsanyi is a counselor on the strategic role of global public affairs in business and on public affairs as a leadership function in organizations.
Dr. Harsanyi has 30 years of experience managing the public affairs function for several U.S. and non-U.S. multinational corporations, including Tyco International Ltd., where she was Vice President, Global Public Affairs, and ABB Inc., where she was Senior Vice President, Public Affairs and Corporate Communications.

She has written, lectured, and taught courses on public affairs in the U.S. and abroad, including at The American University, Georgetown University, Leeds University Business School in the U.K., Interel in Brussels, and the Asia Public Affairs Institute in Hong Kong and Singapore. For 20 years, she was on the faculty of the Corporate Public Affairs Institute in Melbourne, Australia. Most recently, she was co-director of the Global Government Relations Forum, a roundtable for senior executives.