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The National Archives Foundation Opens Second Annual Application Process for Cokie Roberts Women’s History Fellowship

February 4, 2022

Washington, DC – The National Archives Foundation, the nonprofit partner of the National Archives and Records Administration, announces the open submission process for the second-annual Cokie Roberts Women’s History Fellowship. The fellowship was launched in 2019 to continue Cokie’s trailblazing legacy of highlighting the unseen, unknown stories of women who have worked to build our nation. The fund will award up to $12,000 to support fellowships for graduate students, journalists, historians, and/or authors to perform new research at the National Archives which elevates the knowledge of women’s impact on our shared history.

“Cokie dedicated her life to learning about and telling us the stories of women and their roles in our founding and in our government,” said Archivist of the United States David S. Ferriero. “Her work extended far beyond the scope of well-known politicians and suffragists, often looking to ordinary women and their influence. As she would fondly quote Abigail Adams, ‘Remember the ladies!’ The Cokie Roberts Research Fund for Women’s History does just that by encouraging and supporting the next generation of journalists and authors to continue her legacy.”

Like the inaugural winners of 2021, Drs. Lois Leveen and Kara Dixon Vuic, 2022’s fellows will perform original document research in the National Archives. Their completed bodies of work will be featured in National Archives public programming and online through the Foundation’s channels.

“The National Archives is home to 15 billion historical documents containing some of the most compelling stories and achievements of women who for too long have been forgotten. Through their research, the 2022 fellows will continue Cokie’s lifelong mission of uncovering and sharing these stories for generations to come”, said National Archives Foundation Board Chair and President Governor James J. Blanchard.

“Cokie believed in women, and in her long career as a journalist, TV anchor and historian, she devoted herself to telling their stories and documenting their invaluable—and often invisible—contributions to the life of the nation” said her husband, Steve Roberts. “The Archives fellowship named for her will enable the next generation of writers and researchers to carry on her critical work.”

Applications for the fellowship are due by April 30, 2022 and will be announced on June 20, 2022 For more information about the fellowship, FAQs and application process, please visit

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