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Press Statement: Scarborough-Brzezinski Wedding at the National Archives

November 28, 2018

Patrick Madden, Executive Director
National Archives Foundation

Revised from Original November 26, 2018

The National Archives Foundation is an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit that increases public awareness of the National Archives, inspires a deeper appreciation of our country’s heritage, and encourages citizen engagement in our democracy. The Foundation generates financial and creative support for National Archives exhibitions, public programs, and educational initiatives, introducing America’s records to people around the U.S. and the world.

On November 24, 2018, the National Archives Foundation served as the host for Scarborough-Brzezinski wedding at the National Archives Building. The couple had attended an event at the Archives almost a year prior and had requested information and initiated discussions at that time about the possibility of a wedding in the building.

Hosting events at the National Archives is part of the Foundation’s effort to introduce people to the Archives and its holdings. The National Archives Foundation has handled nongovernmental events for the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) for nearly a decade. Each event requires approval by the NARA and event organizers must adhere to building usage practices and pay fees associated with the event. The Scarborough-Brzezinski wedding event was approved through the normal process and Scarborough-Brzezinski followed all of the procedures that the Foundation outlined and required in advance.

Funds earned from hosting events at the National Archives Building support the Foundation’s mission and provides funding for exhibits, public programs and education initiatives locally and nationally. Scarborough-Brzezinski paid the required fees to the Foundation to host the event.

While the Foundation has encouraged event planners to consider the Archives as the venue for weddings over the past few years, Scarborough-Brzezinski was the first couple to choose the Archives as their venue for a ceremony.

Some recent news articles have erroneously reported details of the event, below are a few specific corrections:

  • – There is no flash photography allowed In the National Archives Museum. There was no flash photography during the Scarborough-Brzezinski event. The Foundation staff provided guidance to Scarborough-Brzezinski professional photographer prior to the event and clearly outlined where photography would be allowed to ensure standard building practices were followed. All Foundation guidance was followed.
  • – The event took place in the Rotunda Galleries, not the Rotunda where the Charters of Freedom are located. No photography was taken in the Rotunda.
  • – Section 1280.76 of NARA’s regulations has not been updated since 2008.  Subsequently, however, NARA has routinely approved requests by the National Archives Foundation for private events in the public areas of the National Archives Building on weekends. The Scarborough-Brzezinski event was no exception to this long-standing practice. NARA has initiated the process to update its regulations to reflect current policy.  
  • – Staff is always on hand during private events to assist guests and monitor that photographers and guests adhere to the required building practices.

Additional information on hosting events at the Archives and the strict procedures and protocols can be found here.

The Foundation wishes Mr. Scarborough and Ms. Brzezinski many happy years together and look forward to welcoming more couples in the future to host their nuptials at the National Archives.

For more information about this or other Foundation hosted special events at the National Archives please visit our website or contact Jim Doumas