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The 9/11 Commission Report records are preserved by the Archives and available online through the National Archives Catalogue. You can learn more about the records and how to search them below.

Copyright © 2021 The National Archives Foundation.

Copyright © 2021 The National Archives Foundation.

Resources for Educators

Our September 10th program presents the 9/11 through an immigrant lens, and celebrates the heroic actions of Rick Rescorla, who saved 2,700 of his fellow Morgan Stanley employees. The Archives has his military and naturalization records, with accompanying activities that you can bring to your classroom.

From the Catalogue

Resources for Educators


Recognizing the 20th anniversary of 9/11

The National Archives' commemoration of the 20th Anniversary of 9/11 is made possible in part by the National Archives Foundation through the generous support of Maggie & Robert Boroujerdi.


George W. Bush departs for Camp David on 9/21/2001

9/11 Commission Records

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FAA Records

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) compiled records relating to the 9/11 Commission's investigation. Use the Archives' Finding Aid below to search the record group.

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George W. Bush Library Photos

The George W. Bush Library has an extensive and moving collection of photos related to September 11th. View the President's initial reaction, visit to New York, and more.

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Photos from the Archives

The National Archives Catalogue has hundreds of photographs of the events of September 11th. Whether you remember the day or are doing new research, you can browse the catalogue here.

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For the nation's youth, this singular event in American history was also a defining moment of their childhood. This collection of children's letters reveals some of the ways that America's youngest citizens reflected and responded in their country's time of need.

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"Remembering 9/11" will be on display in the East Rotunda Gallery   from September 7th - October 6th.