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Donate to Your Interest

Stories are waiting to be told…

The National Archives Foundation aims to inspire citizens to explore the past and cultivate a deeper understanding of their civic responsibility and history. To help facilitate this learning, the National Archives Foundation has developed several designated funds to support cutting-edge exhibits, interactive educational activities, and high-profile public programs. Now you can choose how your support will impact civic engagement.

The Funds for Rights and Justice supports research, public programs, exhibitions, and educational materials about the fight for equity and recognition of all Americans.

The Civics and Education Fund provides vital support to the National Archives’ civics and education programs. As a major priority of the National Archives Foundation, the Civics and Education Fund directly supports classroom educators and schools nationwide to better engage students in the importance of participatory government and the tenets of the U.S. Constitution. 

The Rightfully Hers Fund provides ongoing financial support for research, public programs, exhibitions, and educational materials that tell the stories of women often left out of traditional history books. 

The Cokie Roberts Research Fund for Women’s History supports annual fellowships for emerging and established historians, journalists, authors, or graduate students who perform and publish new research for the general public to elevate women’s history using the records held by the National Archives.

Supporting these funds will commit your dollars to the area that matters most to you by furthering education and awareness around specific corners of our shared history. To make a donation, complete the form below and select the fund of your choice.