Remembering Vietnam: Featured Records

Among the billions of records at the National Archives, there are hundreds of thousands of documents, photographs, maps, letters, and more documenting the United States’ involvement in Vietnam. The records highlighted here are featured in the National Archives exhibit Remembering Vietnam, on display in the Lawrence F. O’Brien Gallery in Washington, DC, November 10, 2017 through January 2019.

Photograph of a Marine Landing at Danang, Vietnam, 8/3/1965 (Archives ID 595865) Joint Resolution for the Maintenance of Peace and Security in Southeast Asia, 8/10/1964 (Archives ID 2803448)
 Letter from Ho Chi Minh 10426_2005_001  Rediscovery identifier: 29362
Letter from Ho Chi Minh to President Harry S. Truman, 2/28/1946 (Archives ID 305263)  “This is an American Soldier – He is Your Friend” informational leaflet, 1945
 Rediscovery identifier: 28325  10473_2007_001_a
“Marines on patrol duty in Vietnam,” ca. 1965 Photograph of John McCain After Being Released as Prisoner of War (Archives ID 1633553)